New Design, New Focus

Welcome to the next iteration of my site. Believe me when I tell you that this has been a long time coming.

It all started just over 3.5 years ago when I was about to relocate from North Carolina to Washington, DC. I was interviewing furiously with organizations ranging from staffing agencies, to universities, to non-profits. So I began building a site to showcase an enormous breadth of work I had accumulated in an effort to prove my “wide” and “diverse” range of skills. However, in the course of pushing that ball up the hill I came to realize my site had become unruly and hard to maintain. I had design work, video work, dance score work, music composition work, works-in-progress, collaborations, and more, all spread across multiple hand-coded pages. The combination of eventually landing a dream job and the fact I had pushed the design as far as I could led to my site becoming a lovely piece of fruit that began slowly rotting on the vine.

Now, I never stopped producing new work or striking up new collaborations. I just stopped sharing them because there was too much friction in the process to get them posted online. So I began researching content management systems (both database driven and flat file) and eventually settled on kicking the ‘ol WordPress tires. My desire was to be able to, in as few of clicks as possible, get some new work out there for people to take a look at or listen to. My biggest challenge was finding a theme that struck a balance between simplicity and function. It also had to be easy to modify/bend to my will. I am very fussy like that.

Skip ahead. This new look/feel represents my new focus: whether design, music, or writing, it will be content first. Hopefully my love of whitespace, pacing, grids and typography come through as well. Inspiration kindly provided by some talented folks I’m lucky to call friends – Max, Dave, and Able to name but a few.

A few caveats: I’m still getting the lay of the WordPress land so some things might be borked; as the 301 redirects slowly propagate for my old site some of you might have come in through a side door; and I’m still dialing in the mobile-friendly versions of the site. Kindly bear with me. Lastly, I will be adding more updates over the coming weeks so come by again won’t you?

Thank you so much for stopping by. Always be making.

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