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Interaction 17

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I participated in a panel discussion alongside some incredibly smart teammates: Jill Campaiola, Jacklyn Laryea, Paola Mariselli, Michelle Morrison, Jill Nussbaum, Shalin Pei, and Madelin Woods.

In this two-hour workshop, we talked about education the Facebook way. Design Program Managers, UX Researchers, and Product Designers all shared examples and stories of how education programs can be an integral part of design culture. In a series of lightning talks, we discussed the methods and impact of design education, explored formal and informal structures, and shared personal narratives of how education programming can impact design careers.



Designing for Listening

re:build 2014

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I was invited to speak at the re:build 2014 conference in Indianapolis, IN. It was an honor to present along side these other wonderful speakers: Mig Reyes, Julie Ann Horvath, Morgan Knutson, Sacha Greif, Rachel Andrew, and Michael Lopp (aka Rands in Repose).

Here’s a brief description of my talk (followed by the video and slide deck):

“Most of us live in a visually-driven world where images compete for our attention. The picture that holds our gaze longest is considered the most effective. With references to Roger Waters, dogs in socks, and astronauts, Benjamin explores the unique design challenges surrounding audio experiences, notably NPR One – where success is often determined by how little one sees.”